I am Moabi Atma, wellness guide through experiences of Kundalini yoga, meditation and daily habits. 

The focus of my work is to return living from the soul, from our essence of peace: to release blockages and past traumas, to relax deeply, to develop and express our potentials that our soul feels to express and to live lighter and in flow.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are practices known to restore internal balance,balance the nervous and glandular systems and support us to rise of our potential and creative energy, in combination with healthy daily habits that help us to keep  up living from the soul. 

I developed BE FREE method that works as a map of transformation and personal expansion so we live again from the essence of peace, tranquility, love, compassion and gratitude of our soul.

This process welcomes any type of body. You just need to give yourself to the practices within your possibilities.

When we take the weight off what no longer serves us, we get a lot more energy for what we really dream and want and our inner light just shines!

To request your try out session on-line on free donation ust send an email to moabiatma@gmail.com

You can also come to a deeper healing experience live from June to September in Central Portugal. 


Passionate about life and the fascinating human species since an early age. I've always taken pleasure in feeling good and assisting others in finding balance and wellbeing. I engaged in many forms of meditation, art therapy, and shamanic practices while learning from various teachers, primarily in Portugal, Belgium, and India. I also practiced and studied various forms of yoga and therapies to assist me in purging my inner home.

I mistook myself for a very long time because of how deeply my thoughts and emotions were reacting. It has been incredible to gradually become more awake, to let go of my own inner "baggage," and to access more and more of my lightness, light, and pure joy. Realizing that when we live in this high vibration we are 100% the creators of our life!

I trained in Kundalini Yoga at Quinta do Rajo, in Sintra.


After experiencing various types of yoga and instructors, my preference is undoubtedly with Moabi and Kundalini yoga. Excellent teacher, affectionate but firm, present with a loving heart that radiates a sweet energy that is contageous! . The practice of Kundalini Yoga is phenomenal and excellent for reconnecting mind and body .and be present. A work of self-knowledge in depth. A life-changing, physical, mental and energetic coalition.

I have been practicing yoga for 16 years and although my practice is mostly Hatha wanted to try Kundalini Yoga with Moabi. In my perspective, the energy worked in the Kundalini is felt differently, stronger and more inner work, because it has the requirement of the duration of the kriyas. It is a surrender to the moment and to one's own being, with all the freedom of the body where everything is allowed to us. Undoubtedly challenging, and yet Moabi directs its students with the lightness of a breeze, warm, quiet and appeasing. I leave my gratitude for your soul, for sharing and for teachings. It's easy to give ourselves to Moabi for its own surrender to this universe.

For approximately 3 years I attend weekly kundalini yoga classes with Moabi doing 40km to get to class. I always thought they were wonderful and made me feel very good, always tried to meet the needs of each one.

Now I decided to try the sessions online, and I can guarantee that the result is even better, it is even more intense.

Moabi, your presence is so comforting and helps me to go through the intense energy work we do with kundalini yoga practices.

I was surprised at how in such a short time my transformation was so profoundThank you for such profound practices and experiences… It's hard to find words.

I went to my first class with Moabi without knowing what to expect – Until then I had only practiced Ashtanga and knew it would be very different. I got out of there another! The best words to describe what I felt are: unlocking and releasing my anxieties and frustrations. I left the class lighter and the feeling remained for more than a week! After this experience I just want to maintain a regular practice with Moabi that guides us so well and welcomes us. Thank you for everything...

I had the great honor of doing yoga with Moabi. Kundalini yoga is powerful by itself, and doing so with Moabi makes it gentle and profound. As a healing therapist, I myself am quite sensitive to energies and feel that Moabi's energy is very sensitive and compassionate. I strongly recommend Yoga with her. ❤️

I am very grateful for this profound and curative journey that Moabi guides me. She allows me a space where I can trust and surrender. The firm orientation of her voice and what she's telling helps me awaken my inner power, I enter a kind of trance. After the deep inner journey of the class plus the final relaxation, I feel like newborn! Just try it!

Moabi´s Yoga classes always make me return to my inner strength and joy that radiates within me. It's a journey to the essence of the soul, it's a full-body therapy. She knows how to create a safe and supportive space for healing to happen. I'm so grateful to have you as a teacher!

Taking a class with Moabi is
gift soul, body and mind and enjoy the best exists in her.
And the best of her brings out our best too. It makes us really well! One of the goals of Kundalini yoga is precisely to redirect the energy of the being so that it comes into contact with the real creative potential that inhabits us, making it aware of the greatness available in all of us.

I really like the dynamics of the classes, how they are oriented and the exercises, some are challenging but I feel that they do me well and are not too complicated, which is great because we feel good and confident, avoiding frustrations. I feel that by taking these classes I become less reactive and i can make more conscious decisions.

Honestly, this retreat was one of the most beautiful surprises this year. I'm glad I discovered the practice of Kundalini Yoga because it helped me understand some of the things I live in in the energy dimension – it deeply reunited me to my body. Moabi, you're an amazing person and a very good teacher. Thank you for your passion, advice and ideals. Spending this end of the year with you and the group doing yoga in this beautiful place was an amazing experience for me.

I was getting into fear and the work you offer us is about releasing fears, tension and even trauma with this powerful Kundalini Yoga technique and you have a compelling and inspiring way to teach it. The proportion of "work/kriyas" with the rest of the program was fantastic. The number of people was great, more would have been too much. Thank you Moabi, I will participate again.